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iCare Travel was formed in response to a recent trend… People are wanting more meaningful experiences, and having them through travel.

“People are being more conscious of their values, and … they’re looking for experiences that speak to their heart”  – Trend-Spotter Daniel Levine at The Avant-Guide Institute.

As Americans see the economy in a downturn and their savings dwindle, many are focusing on what is most important—family, friends, the welfare of the world—and considering these things when planning a vacation.

Hedonism is out and “recession chic” is in.

At iCare Travel, meaningful and pleasurable vacations are at the heart of all we do.

We invite you to bond in a special way not only with those with whom you travel, but also with the people and places where you visit. We hope you will  set a little bit of time aside to “make a difference” at your destination.

iCare Travel is about providing you with the most life-enhancing travel experience possible.