Why travel with iCare?

Look and see what makes us different.

Our Relationships, Your Advantage

Our resources are at your fingertips. iCare has teamed up with destination management experts who have been in business for over 40 years and others who are niche specialists. iCare chooses service providers by how well they match your needs and desires—not because we have a special or financial relationship with them.

As a boutique travel company in an industry of large international operators, we pride ourselves on the personal and individualized care we give.

We have found that clients appreciate our personal and unbiased service.

A Trip to Remember

Our recommendations come to you with your ultimate satisfaction in mind… after all, this is your dream vacation where your memories will last forever!

If you are going to Machu Picchu, for example — Read More…

- If we learn that you do not like crowds, we will arrange for you to be in Machu Picchu at a “low volume” tourist time.

- If your interest is seeing large herds of animals on an African safari and we know that the migrations are in Kenya at the time of year you are considering, we won’t suggest the Serengeti but the Masai Mara.

We enjoy setting our imagination to unusual requests. For instance, we were asked by a client to find a “running buddy” for his son for their time in Edinburgh, Scotland. We found a local running club that hosted the boy, and then he was entered into a local 5K park race. (He finished in the top 10—his parents were very proud!)

This is what sets iCare apart: memorable experiences that last long after your plane has landed back home.

We care about your experiences being authentic.

iCare specializes in authenticity. We provide genuine experiences beyond the standard hotel and tourist attractions.

Here’s how we make it so…


Our destination specialists know their regions very well, and know what is happening there to the minute. If an interesting event develops while you are there, they will know, and you will have the chance to go.

Honing in on Your Interests

What interests you? If an interest is, for example, to gain an appreciation for the region’s culture, history and current events, we will suggest experiences where you may personally interact with the locals. We may link you with a guide who is enthusiastic about sharing in-depth historical information on the sights you are seeing, can place it in a modern-day context, and who can share aspects on cultural norms and daily life in the area you might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn.

Sometimes our guides invite our travelers to their homes, their school, or their church. They may even introduce you to local folks some of whom have interesting roles in the community.

Alternatively, if your interest is a challenging game of golf, you know what we’ll arrange for you!

A Personal Touch

We may ask you, for example, if you would like to go up to an area’s highest point, so you see in all directions around you. A 360 degree view can surprise and broaden one’s perspective.

You may be in a destination where our personal friends—in addition to our expert local contacts—have shaped your itinerary. Our Highlights of Southern Africa with Safari itinerary, for instance, was developed in collaboration with our fourth-generation Cape Town friends who came to jubilant agreement over how to enjoy four days in Cape Town. We think the intimate knowledge of non-tourist industry natives can bring depth and authenticity to a journey.

A Meaningful Experience that Transforms

There is still nothing quite so meaningful as going somewhere and actually helping someone or something that cannot help themselves or itself. A travel philanthropy experience through our nonprofit Foundation is a powerful experience.

Travel in good company

We understand well that traveling in good company is key to a wonderful trip. Rest assured that if you are traveling with guides and/or drivers, we have made efforts to ensure that these people are good-natured, knowledgeable and gracious.

iCare Group Departures attract kind and caring people

iCare Group Departures include a travel philanthropy element where the travelers “make a difference” in the destination. If you have joined an iCare Group Departure, your traveling companions will likely be kind, curious people who care about the world.

Do not be surprised if a lasting friendship or two begins on an iCare Group Departure!

We care that you return home feeling fulfilled and refreshed.

We try to think of everything. We want to give you the best experiences and take the worries away from you.

Our itineraries are unhurried and not regimented (as is often the case on traditional tours).

On an iCare vacation, you can relax as you have eliminated risks, hassles and worries that are common when you “go it alone.”

At iCare, we care about many things, great and small.

From your well-being…

We care about the quality of every traveler’s experience. We will always remain a low-volume organization so every client can be treated with the utmost attention and care.

to the well-being of everyone.

We care about the quality of life in the communities where we go—and in the community where you live.

Our iCareShare travel philanthropy program helps kids, moms, the elderly, communities with their larger needs and fragile environments, and more. We believe our travelers when they say the program provides life-enhancing benefits to themselves, as well.

~ If you participate in an iCareShare experience, please send us some of your photos so we can make a video-clip for you to share with your family, friends and neighbors. This is a way for your community to see that—yes!—a person can go out into the world and make the world a better place… a person like you.

Consider doing this while on your vacation.

The iCare Travel Foundation is the pioneer of a style of “travel philanthropy” where travelers choose a way to help that touches their heart.

While on vacation, the traveler visits the people or community they have helped, and interacts with the grateful recipients.

If you care about wildlife
Consider helping to protect a rain-forest corridor in Costa Rica that is the home to one of the most endangered bird species in the world. Then go and visit on your Costa Rica vacation, and see first-hand where your support is going and learn why it is significant.
If you are going to Africa on safari, consider helping an entrepreneur with your business expertise. This kind of caring, deep involvement in a local community has proved very rewarding and meaningful for our travelers.
Meeting people face-to-face is where the transformative experience is most profound. iCareShare travelers return home feeling enriched, more connected to the world around them, and feeling that they have had the meaningful experience of being a good global citizen. As a bonus, they enjoy a great life-long memory, knowing they have made the word a better place.
Suffice to say, a life-enhancing adventure awaits you.

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