Travel Philanthropy

Something Good to Talk About for the Rest of Your Life.

A fulfilling and new kind of adventure awaits you! We encourage families, friends, and other groups to participate in an iCareShare travel philanthropy experience during their vacation.

What is Travel Philanthropy?

“Travel philanthropy” is a type of responsible travel where generous behavior—such as donations of items or time—is facilitated by travel. The donations often provide basic needs that are out of reach for individuals, or communities. They include items such as shelter, books and sponsorships for kids, and clean water for families.

What Travel Philanthropy is not.

Travel philanthropy is not “voluntourism.” While we have a few Wish List donation items that provide opportunities to give service (e.g., give advice to an entrepreneur, provide expertise on a community project), “sweat investment” typically is not part of the program.

Could You Be a Travel Philanthropist?

Certainly. Affluence is not a requirement. All it means is you are willing to contribute something to an underprivileged community nearby to where you are visiting. In many exotic destinations, just a few miles away from a “must see” (say Machu Picchu in Peru, for example) live some of the world’s poorest people. All it takes on your part is to contribute to a cause or need. It is an added bonus if you are willing to spend some time in the community, meet the recipients, and learn about the need you alleviated.

You might be surprised to see how far a small amount of money can go to change a life or a community.


  • For $120, you can provide hearing tests for kids in Costa Rica so they do not fall victim to being mistakenly diagnosed as mentally retarded.
  • For $350, you can help poor single Navajo moms living near the Grand Canyon learn how to weave. When you visit, meet the instructor, the weavers, and learn about rug weaving over a traditional meal.
  • In the Galapagos, for $500, help fund the oil recycling project that prevents waste oil from being dumped into the Galapagos waters. See the project and hear stories told by the grateful local staff involved over a typical lunch.

The iCareShare Program ~ Uniquely iCare

iCare Travel is the pioneer of travel philanthropy where you, the caring traveler, freely chooses the way you’d like to help.

Please consider participating in an iCareShare experience as you vacation in one of our Featured Destinations. These destinations are some of the most popular and fabulous places in the world. We have been there, and we know what the locals need.

How iCareShare Works

The iCareShare portion of your trip is generally an afternoon to three days long. It may not be enough time to save the world, but sufficient to make a positive impact, rub shoulders with the local people, and perhaps gain a new perspective on the world.
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The Donation

Accompanied by our local nonprofit friends, you will visit—and in many cases deliver—the Wish List donation item (or other) you chose.  You will see first-hand the importance of your gift, who needs it, and why.

The Cultural Experience

Please consider visiting for at least an afternoon. We encourage meaningful interactions between you and the locals vis-à-vis time together eating and exploring the community, asking questions and sharing stories. Learn about the local culture as well as the challenges—especially as they pertain to your gift. It is hoped that you will also share some of your own knowledge and stories. The locals will be appreciative if you do.

For many travel philanthropists, this experience becomes less about what they gave, and more about what they received in exchange. Their one-on-one encounters with people around the world leave a person with a more profound appreciation of other cultures and the struggles they face. The experience is often a highlight of their trip.

Visit the iCare Travel Foundation website to learn more.

Join us!

Experience a deep personal fulfillment that lasts long after your plane lands back home.

*Gifts and the iCareShare experience are tax-deductible through the iCare Travel Foundation.

This Tico entrepreneur out in jungle was trying to make a better life for his family with a tourist nature exhibit. I was happy to help. ” – Costa Rica iCareShare traveler, 2014