Machu Picchu has become one of the
top travel destinations in the world.

Our journey takes you to a
wide range of landscapes, climates, and cultures.

Peru is the country of Machu Picchu—one of the New 7 Wonders of the World—as well as a great richness of cultures and of ecological zones that open you to the discovery of impressive glaciers, stunning beaches and breathtaking jungle and river adventures in a single package.

The highlights of Peru presented to you in way that suits your pace, comfort and style.

Discover Cusco—the “belly button of the world” for the ancient Incans—with your own private car and driver/guide. Luxury travel on board the Orient Express Hiram Bingham train is a special treat. Embellish your trip with a variety of optional activities including spa treatments, witnessing an ancient Incan ritual, or tasting traditional delicacies cooked underground.

While high in the Andes, consider immersing yourself in the Quechua Indian way of life. Take part in an iCareShare experience and “make a difference” in a way of your choosing. It will put a smile on the faces of the humble highland people you help …and may put a smile on your own face as well!

Whether you travel in top luxury, or go ‘iCare Comfortable,’ your Peru vacation is sure to be unique, great value, and nourishing to the soul.


The climate of Peru is very diverse, with a large variety of climates and micro-climates, including 28 of the 32 world climates. In general, the climate on the coast is subtropical with very little rainfall. The Andes mountains observe a cool-to-cold climate with rainy summers and very dry winters. The eastern lowlands present an Equatorial climate with hot weather and rain distributed all year long.

Facts & Tidbits

  • President: Ollanta Humala (2011)
  • Prime Minister: Oscar Valdés (2011)
  • Land area: 494,208 sq mi
  • Population: 29,549,517
  • Capital and largest city: Lima
  • Monetary unit: Nuevo sol
  • Voltage: 220V

What to Bring

  • Cotton Pants
  • Long & Short Sleeved Tees
  • A Sweater
  • Fleece & Rain Jackets
  • Rugged Sneakers or Hiking Boots
  • An Anti-Diarrheal
  • Sunscreen and a Hat

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