Group Departures

Join iCare on a one-of-a-kind adventure to one of the world’s most inspiring destinations.

On an iCare Group Departure, you are immersed in the culture you are visiting as you connect with the region, the locals, and your travel companions. It is an opportunity to “make a difference” in a way you decide!

These vacations are unique, life-changing experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Trip

We follow an exciting itinerary filled with comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and quality guides at certain points along the way. We visit the region’s most notable sights and enjoy authentic cultural experiences. Often, these trips coincide with a local festival, or other major event.

iCare trips differ from normal tours in 2 important ways:

  • We travel to “be with” the people in their culture, not “look at” and merely photograph them.
    We develop a genuine appreciation for the place and people, and then
  • we help them.

Guaranteeing your enjoyment

How we do this —

  • Every iCare Group Departure has time built into the itinerary for your own personal whims and desires. Our travelers are often quite independent, so we ensure the opportunity for “alone time” and flexibility.
    Take some time out to shop, relax by the pool, or enjoy an optional activity.
  • Your trip leader is a USA-based iCare staff person. His or her responsibility is to be available to you, and to handle all the details to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.
  • Accommodations: You may have your own room, or we can do our best to pair you with someone we feel would be a good match based on information we have gathered from you.

The Group

You are part of a small and intimate group of 6 -10 like-minded people who will explore the destination and culture together with you. iCare Group travelers are a special breed of people. By nature, they are curious, caring and adventuresome. They like the idea of being immersed in an unknown culture, broadening their horizons, and leaving things better than how they found them.
A theme of an iCare Group trip is “travel philanthropy.” This activity attracts a certain type of caring “Global Citizen.”

Make a Difference

We encourage iCare Group travelers to participate in a life-changing iCareShare travel philanthropy experience.

Nearby to a place we visit will be a community where iCare and iCare travelers can help the underserved. iCare has a relationship with a local NGO, and this group knows the immediate community needs very well. We work with them to provide a need that we, as a group, decide upon before we go. When we are in the area, we visit the community, meet the recipients and others involved, and we enjoy some time as we learn about the people, the place, and why the item we provided is meaningful. We eat, share stories, and we learn about them as they learn about us.

Enriching Life-long Memories

A new kind of travel experience awaits you! We take care of all the details while you enjoy the sights and sounds of a spectacular destination with caring, globally-conscious travel companions. A unique life-changing experience—as well as freedom to enjoy yourself as you like—ensure your vacation can be transformed into an experience that will enrich your memories and hence your life for ever after.

Join Us!

 Just Globe iCare Price Advantage

Enjoy trip cost savings as the group size grows! We will send you a refund check as the group size goes beyond 8 people.