Using iCare vs Going it Alone

Even a good vacation isn’t enough when it could have been great.

Vacation time is precious. We recommend you not be penny wise and lifetime memory foolish. If you are like most of us, you don’t have that many vacations.

The Going-it-Alone Idea: “We’ve always arranged our trips and they’ve been fine.”

Here at iCare, we’ve arranged our own trips, we’ve done iCare trips, and we’ve gone on traditional tours. We agree with our repeat clients: nothing beats an iCare Trip.

Your travel specialist and on-the-ground service providers make all the difference. Put simply, they know the area and the ins-and-outs. They know what is worth seeing and what can be skipped. They know the deserted beach next to the crowded beach, the spots with the great vistas, the “must sees,” the cities, the times of day to stay off the roads, the edible fruit along the trail or river—or whatever other things you wouldn’t have thought of, but will delight in once you discover them through us. You may even have entrees to people and places you will never find—or attempt—on your own.

On your own, you might find a few great experiences; but relying on us you’re likely to have many-fold more of them packed into the short time that you have.

On your own, you risk booking things with fly-by-night operations, or uninformed ones, or those who don’t schedule the best lifetime-memories experiences, or who send you at the wrong time of year, or who use certain suppliers not because they are best for you, but with whom they have a relationship.

Trying to do it yourself will likely cost you dozens of lifelong memories.

Life’s most precious commodity: Time

It can surely cause you to incur many risks, hassles and wasted time as you turn yourself into a planner and organizer… when your aim is to get away from work! A friendly reminder: vacation time is precious.

With carefully choreographed itineraries, a unique vacation that travelers simply can’t duplicate on their own takes shape.

    • You save time as you will know where you are going.
    • You will have more free time to do what you want to do, without the worries of having to find and plan great activities. For Example…

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Say you are going to Costa Rica for beaches, volcanoes and the turtles. You also want to horseback ride, zip line, and have a spa treatment.

We consider all of your details—including number of days, whether you are looking for a particular kind of spa experience, whether you might like to horseback ride to a volcano or on a beach—and we find the best suited suppliers in the locations, as you travel in a logical sequence.

If you wish, we will organize every step of your trip, leaving you worry-free so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

The Going-it-Alone Idea: “It’s less expensive doing it on our own. Less expensive is always good.”

With iCare, not only do you take advantage of the experience of our travel specialists and our in-country experts with their up-to-the-minute knowledge, you control the budget for your trip.

Travel Top Luxury or iCare “Comfortable”—both are excellent value for money.

The cost of an iCare vacation may surprise you. Often, it is less than a typical one-size-fits-all vacation package—and a bonus for you is the added freedom to experience the destination in your own way. Our in-country contacts oftentimes have great buying power—their superior relationships can result in a unique combination of value and excellence. Consider also that iCare is not a large travel company with a big marketing budget and overhead, and you have a well-priced vacation.

— Take a look at our suggested itineraries in our Featured Destinations to get a sense of how we care about value and quality.

When the Unexpected Arises

A vacation can quickly become an ordeal if something difficult happens.

By relying on us, if an unexpected event arises due to conditions nobody could predict, we immediately switch you to plan B and make all the arrangements. An unexpected event may be turned into an unforgettable memory of the good kind!

An Experienced, On-the-ground Team and 24/7 Support:

With iCare, you always benefit from both the confidence and convenience that comes with 24/7 support and the expertise of our in-country partners.

— With all your travel needs in place, you can truly relax and enjoy the sights, smells and flavors of the region and culture you are visiting.

I experienced an access to community life that would have been difficult, if not impossible,
had I gone it alone.”
Pto Ayora, Galapagos

I appreciate all the work you do that I just cannot… especially on a trip such as this – arrange for runs for Darren; cupcakes for Michele’s birthday; country assistance; etc.”
iCare parent, 2012