Key Features of an iCare Trip

5 Key Features make your vacation unforgettable.

Journeys created just for you

Our in-country travel partners in 80 destinations know their regions inside and out. Once we understand your needs and desires, together we set out to match them with local suppliers who can best fulfill them.

Your trip includes the “must see’s” and then the sky is the limit.

If you want to explore a particular city, our local contacts are in-the-know for great shopping spots, for fun places to eat, and so much more. If your desire is to go “off the beaten track,” our contacts have expert knowledge to take you to places that are not frequented by many tourists. For example… Read More…

In Peru, we will take you on a private drive through the highlands of the Sacred Valley near Machu Picchu, so you can see how people live at 12,000 feet. In the Amazon, we can arrange for you to stay alongside a very remote, little-visited village located along a tributary of the Amazon River.

iCare luxury travelers have access to private gardens and art collections that are rarely visited by tourists. We can offer many options… we can suggest options for you that you haven’t thought of!

Even on our iCare Group Departures, there is time and flexibility built into the itineraries for your own personal desires.

Enjoy Comfort & Quality

Where you Stay

Where you stay is an important part of your journey… which is why we hand-select premium boutique hotels and other types of accommodation where you will be comfortable or positively pampered. You’ll find friendly service, extraordinary locations, views and authentic ambience. For instance… Read More…

You may stay in a garden-graced villa below Machu Picchu, or find yourself in an award-winning eco-retreat deep in the Amazon enveloped in a primary rainforest. You may wake up in a luxury tented camp on African safari, or in a beach casita in Costa Rica where monkeys scamper on the roof.

We locate the hotels that are good for young families, and locate the ones that don’t allow kids and make good honeymoon nests. In many instances, we’ll find out which rooms are the best rooms, and we request them.

In the Company of Your Guides

iCare understands very well that the quality of a guide plays a key role in the success of the travel experience.

If your trip includes guides, rest assured we have done our best to provide guides who are especially knowledgeable, interesting, and who have a caring nature. (We think we have a knack for this, as some of our guides are now our friends!) For instance… Read More…

We can often link you with a guide who has specialized knowledge of things that interest you. Your guide could be a photography enthusiast, for example, or one who specializes in making things exciting for kids, or who is a history buff, or who loves hiking and knows where to take you to see stone carvings, or who is so gracious, he or she will make you feel at home in their home.

We also make a point to have drivers with good people skills.


We believe in whetting your appetite with local flavor wherever we travel. Savor creations from award winning chefs at top rated hotels and local restaurants. Enjoy a “boma” (traditional African barbeque), wine tastings, complimentary local libations, and more.

Breakfasts are usually included. Lunches and dinners may or may not be, depending on whether we have something special to offer, or whether you are in a location where there is an abundance of quality eating options.

Great Value

Value in Terms of Your Pleasure

We put our imagination into ways of optimizing the value of your trip and provide more pleasure for you at the same time.

For instance, if we learn one of your preferences is independence, we may recommend you forgo having a private guide, or have guide services only on certain days or in certain locations. We may recommend self-guided hiking, suggesting trails where we think you will have the best chance to spot wildlife on your own. For transportation, we may suggest that we rent you a vehicle instead of using drivers and guides, or recommend that we provide a driver-guide for you only in locations where it would be difficult to navigate the roads on your own.

For meals, if there is a good selection of restaurants nearby, we do not include a meal in your itinerary (and charge for our service). We’ll recommend places according to your tastes and mood.

Our commitment to great value and your pleasure shines through as we make these choices.

In Terms of your Time

The value you receive in terms of your time begins before you leave. As iCare handles all the details, you are free from dealing with the logistics and hassles. The result is the gift of time… to spend quality, carefree time with your family or friends, and the things that interest you.

We carefully choreograph your itinerary to make the most of your time. If, for example, you are going to Costa Rica for beaches, volcanoes, the turtles, and you want to horseback ride, or zip line, and have a spa treatment, we know how best to fit the activities into your schedule. Additionally… Read More…

Your on-the ground team will know what is happening in “real time”—they will know which roads are closed or hard to manage, and which areas to avoid altogether because of special events. They are mindful of how you enter and exit a city or town, to make the most of the time and the experience.

In these ways and others, we aim to provide as many great experiences as possible into the short time that you have.

The result:  more quality time—and great memories—for you.

Your Money

Travel top luxury or “iCare Comfortable“—both are excellent value for money. Our itineraries are designed around value and quality. We arrange travel experiences that we would delight in doing ourselves. (And believe us, we’re picky.)

The cost of an iCare vacation may surprise you. Often, it is less than a typical one-size-fits-all vacation package—and a bonus for you is the added freedom to experience the destination in your own way. Our ground operators oftentimes have great buying power—their superior relationships can result in a unique combination of value and excellence. Consider also that iCare is not a large travel company with big marketing budgets and overhead, and you have a well-priced vacation.

Unique Experiences — Guaranteed

iCare’s ability to offer you an array of optional and favorite activities—from shark cage diving and sacred indigenous rituals, to a spa treatment and a round of golf—guarantees your travel experience will be distinctive and unique.

Include a few surprises

Our local contacts have up-to-the-minute information. If an interesting event develops while you are there, they will know, and you will have the chance to go. Your guide may offer you surprises such as a parade, or a private late night giant sea turtle nesting expedition (on an isolated beach that others don’t know about).

Additionally, we can help you celebrate with a surprise birthday event, or a bottle of champagne and chocolates on your pillow on your honeymoon night.

Consider “making a difference”

Consider participating in iCare’s nonprofit program “iCareShare” in one of our featured destinations. It is a travel philanthropy program like no other, as you have the opportunity to help at your destination in a way that you choose and care about. If you are going to the Galapagos, for example… Read More…

If you care about preserving endangered sea life in the Glapagos, consider supporting efforts to keep waste oil out of the waters. While you are there, see the project and hear stories over lunch.

In Africa, if you’d like to help a budding entrepreneur, consider spending an afternoon giving some business advice.

— Suffice to say, your iCare adventure will be a vacation that no one else has done before.

Seamless Travel from beginning to end

We take care of the details…

All the logistics of travel will be taken care of seamlessly. We secure quality accommodations and arrange for transportation, excursions, entrance fees, porterage, and meals as specified in your itinerary. As you arrive at the airport, there will be a friendly face waiting to welcome you and escort you to your hotel.

You enjoy Peace of Mind.

Before you leave, you’ll receive a pre-trip packet that includes maps, quick notes for your reference, interesting articles, and more. Throughout your journey, you’ll have the personal and expert attention of iCare and in-country staff and guides, who have your ultimate safety at heart. Rest assured we are only a phone call away 24/7 if there is anything you need.

— With all of the details taken care of, you can relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the wonder of the places you are exploring.