iCare Comfortable

Custom does not have to mean “Expensive.”

Our goal is to execute “the Dream Vacation” in an atmosphere of total comfort and enjoyment—and that is mindful of your pocketbook.

Your travel specialist learns your preferences for your trip, and after carefully considering its elements, finds the most suitable on-the-ground service providers. Some of our in-country contacts are large award-winning companies, and others are small, family owned operations that excel in certain specialties. Whether your trip involves a special interest like photography, food, or fishing, and whether your trip is for your family, for yourself, co-workers or friends—we find what you need for you to have a vacation of a lifetime.

We choose in-country suppliers by how well they suit you —not because we may have a special relationship with them.

As iCare Travel often receives special pricing, the iCare Comfortable way of travel is often not as expensive as you might think. Often, it costs less than a typical one-size-fits-all vacation package—and a bonus for you is the added freedom to experience the destination in your own way.

Your advantage is you have the experience of our travel specialists and our in-country connections with their up-to-the-minute knowledge and 24-hour support, while still controlling your budget, schedule, use of guides and drivers, and choice of activities for your trip.

At iCare, we like to travel comfortably—and we don’t cut corners. We do not offer you anything we would not want to experience ourselves… and believe us, we’re picky.