What thrills you?

Face the challenge of soaring altitudes, traversing ancient cobblestone pathways, and facing what lurks in salty waters. Venture to places that test your abilities and nerve, that push your body to the limit. Savor the rewards of knowing you have done it.

iCare will transform your well-deserved vacation into a thrilling adventure. Tell us what thrills you, and where you think you might like to have that experience. Together, we will hone in on how to make that adventure a reality—planning it at your desired pace and ability, and in your desired destination.

Are you looking for ideas? Check out the ‘Active & Adventure’ sections on our Featured Destinations pages, under the Optional Activities tabs.

Cape Town, SA
Have a close encounter with a Great White shark while shark cage diving.

Inca Trail, Peru
Enjoy a multi-day trek with some of our trekking company friends on one of the world’s most spectacular and ancient routes.

Victoria Falls, Zambia
Abseil down the side of a 393 foot cliff into the gorges below the Falls.

Grand Canyon, USA
Ride a mule across switchbacks as you make your way to the canyon floor.

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