Corporate Travel, CSR and Publicity rolled into One Pleasurable Package

Is the rich world aware of how four billion of the six billion live? If we were aware, we would want to help out, we’d want to get involved.” – Bill Gates

Yes, it is true. Companies can send executives and incentive travelers to fabulous destinations around the globe—or to locations along their supply chain—generate publicity for the company, and have a great time.

Increasingly companies are judged not just on profitability, but also on how they care for external stakeholders and the environment—including employees and communities, near and far.

The idea behind an iCare Corporate • CSR Vacation is simple but powerful:

  • Corporate travel is combined with “making a difference” at the destination.
  • iCare manages all details of the trip—accommodation, in-country transport, activities/meetings, the philanthropic experience, sightseeing, invoicing, and more. The company is not burdened with the time and resources required to coordinate such a trip.
  • Employees participate in a high-interest or relevant philanthropic activity while at the destination.

An iCare Trip Companion may accompany the group who

  • oversees the smooth operation of the trip
  • collects information that will be used in press releases and news stories. (Trip Companion is optional)

— After the trip, iCare works with the company to write and pitch the story to various media.

Example Scenario: Hebrew National helps Jewish kids in Costa Rica.

Hebrew National had its curiosity piqued with news of the success of a restaurant in a Costa Rican jungle that promotes and sells Hebrew National hot dogs. The company decided to use this opportunity to send top-performing employees on an incentive trip.

The company had 3 objectives—for the employees to:

    • IMG_0746learn about their buyer’s successful experience
    • enjoy a vacation
    • do a caring and unique thing worth writing about.

Hebrew National and iCare Travel discussed the objectives of the trip. Then a relevant philanthropic activity was identified, for the employees to do while in-country.

The employees met with leaders of a remote Jewish community, and made a contribution to the local school. They even gave advice to young entrepreneurs! Some found this activity to be a highlight of their trip.

Upon returning home, iCare and Hebrew National pitched news stories and releases to various media, telling their unique and “good” story.

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Benefits of an iCare Corporate Trip:

• Publicity opportunity, good public relations
and brand-building.

• Employee bonding. These experiences can have
the impact of an experiential team building activity.

• The well established benefits of incentive travel.

• For multinational companies traveling to a
destination within their supply chain, an
opportunity to gain insights into the customs
and culture of distant associates.

• A pleasurable and life-enhancing vacation.