All oppression creates a state of war.
— Simone de Beauvoir

iCare creates unforgettable vacation experiences to some of the world’s top gay travel destinations, thanks to the help of our overseas friends and colleagues.

Explore Costa Rica, for example, and be hosted by our gay local contacts. The country’s incredible beaches, and eco-friendly and gay-friendly reputation lure an increasing number of travelers every year.

Go privately, or join a group of fellow travelers. Have an experience of a lifetime!

Cape Town, South Africa is another great destination choice. Civil rights for homosexuals are enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution. Enjoy the gay-owned and gay friendly businesses that greet visitors with a warm welcome.

The rainbow becomes more beautiful…

Consider meeting and improving the lives of gay peers in distant lands, where less tolerance and enlightenment is enjoyed by the people. Let us know if this interests you, and we will match you up with a travel philanthropy opportunity that touches your heart .

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Some examples of LGBT experiences happening in our Featured Destinations
Costa Rica
The gay-friendly mecca of Central America. Together with our gay in-country operations partners, you will enjoy an itinerary with spontaneity and up-to the minute knowledge of local gay-friendly happenings.

Scotsdale, USA
Queen Queen, or Wonder Woman Welcome Gift. It is a surprise, but we’ll tell you it includes leopard spots and two drink coupons at a local gay bar within walking distance.

Cape Town, SA
The trendy De Waterkant area in CapeTown is the center of gay life in South Africa. Your local contact will reveal to you what is considered the most hip gay-owned restaurant in town.

Pique your interest? Call us at (415) 305-7560 or Email Us to discuss the possibilities.

           Costa Rica!


 Join the men going in January

        Jan 10 – 18, 2016
        9 Days, 10 people max

This trip is inspired by our gay local contacts. You will have a chance to help the gay community, if you wish.
Ask us for more details.

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