The girls were shy but their curiosity brought them over. So sweet, curious and silly! I would have missed this experience had I been with others.
—iCare Solo traveler

More travelers are choosing to see the world on their own. We offer inspiring journeys to some of the world’s most exotic destinations, where solo travelers enjoy the company of good-natured local guides as they enjoy a unique experience.

Alternatively, join a group of globally-conscious, caring travelers on an iCare Group Departure. Enjoy the company of others, while still lodging in the privacy of your own accommodations, if you wish.

Rest assured—your safely and comfort is in good hands as we provide on-the-ground support 24/7 along the way in over 80 destinations worldwide.

A few examples of Solo experiences in iCare’s Featured Destinations
Sedona, Arizona
Join in on Sedona’s local tradition of “gallery hopping” and wine drinking along a famous picturesque street.

Walk amongst animals that have no fear of humans. While there, consider helping to protect the rare Galapagos endemic species, and have lunch with local program staff.

Grand Canyon
Join our Group Departure to the Grand Canyon and Navajo Reservation. We go at an unhurried pace, and we do a good deed while on the Reservation.

The Amazon is a final frontier, visited by only a few of the most adventuresome travelers. Enjoy the sights and sounds of exotic wildlife while staying at a luxury eco-lodge.

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