Women’s Journeys

It’s all about the girls…

iCare’s Women’s Journeys offer an opportunity to discover the world’s most remarkable destinations in the company of other women, experiencing sightseeing and activities presented from a woman’s perspective. These adventures are perfect opportunities for mothers and daughters to bond in a special destination, and for friends to get away for some time of pure pleasure.

Your Journey will combine the “must see’s” of your chosen destination along with specially arranged excursions, and your own personal interests and whims. Should your trip require guides, we will choose good-natured ones who enjoy presenting from a female perspective.

Ideas to consider…
Galapagos: Have tea with a women’s group who have overhauled a boat that was seized for illegal fishing, and turned it into a café and boutique shop. Hear their stories.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Admire the most extensive indoor collection of orchids in the world below Machu Picchu, where you will stay in a hidden retreat casita.

Costa Rica: Explore a rainforest canopy from the top-side down as you walk along suspension bridges.

Sedona, AZ: Join in on the local’s tradition of “gallery hopping” and drinking wine along a picturesque canyon road.

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